Inked Avenue Reviews… “After The Break” by Andrea Joan

//After The Break by Andrea Joan//

5 Feathers

“She is my redemption. My destruction. But she is mine. Even if it ruins us both.”

I love this feeling! That high you get after reading a novel that completely consumes you that the rest of the world falls away because the story and characters are completely mesmerizing! After The Break truly has it all… ANGST, heartbreak, loss, love, original story line, and flawed characters that you love right from the start and stand behind because you want to see them succeed. I am still shocked that this is Andrea Joan’s first novel because… WOW! If I didn’t know any better I would say After The Break was written by a seasoned author writing her third or forth book!

“She’s a sinner and a savior. And she has chosen me. She needs my protection and I. Need. Her. I know I can protect her. I know I can destroy her.”

afterthebreak1Liam and Skylar’s love story is anything but ordinary. She’s a famous actress and Hollywood’s it girl. He’s an ex-boxing champion suffering from a loss that nearly killed him. Both are flawed and broken but find peace and strength in one another to carry on and keep fighting. Their slow burning romance frustrated and excited me all at once. It was laced with danger and secrets hidden behind fear and the perfect persona they have to show the rest of the world. I could not get enough of their story. The drama, angst, suspense, danger, ANGST…. had me hooked from page one.

Andrea Joan’s writing is flawless and unexpected as it sucks you into this raw and dangerously sexy romance. Plus the humor and witty banter between the characters is not to be over looked. I can’t could the times this novel had me cracking up from something they said or holding my breath during an intense scene between Liam an Skylar. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and one of this years must read novels!

p.s. Carl can go step on some Legos, fall on his face, and break every bone in his body. If you couldn’t tell I hate him.




Ten years I trained to be the best boxer there is. I had fighters blood pumping through my veins and I was a lethal opponent. One to be feared. Twelve years I spent with my first love, we were childhood sweethearts and I was ready to make her my wife. My brother would have been my best man, his wife would have been her maid of honor.
11 minutes 13 seconds.
That was all the time it took to rip my world apart.

I. Am. Broken.

And not the kind of broken that can be fixed. Ever. I will always be imprisoned in a darkness I can never fully escape from. Infected with a disease that can never be cured.
Every day I struggle to survive. I’ve not felt alive until now.
Until her.
Skylar Barrett.
She is an actress, a millionaire, every man’s wet dream. On the surface she has everything; wants for nothing. But I see what lies beneath her facade. She walks a fine line between the dark and the light. She’s a sinner and a savior. And she has chosen me. She needs my protection and I. Need. Her.
I know I can protect her.
I know I can destroy her.
She is my redemption. My destruction.
But she is mine.
Even if it ruins us both.
New Adult Contemporary Romance: Strong language and themes,and sexual content, not intended for readers under 18. This is a Full Length Novel.

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 //Author Bio//

Once upon a time, in my innocent youth I had a dream of being a figure skater. Mostly because I loved the outfits and the smell of the ice. Then, one day, I fell flat on my ass and those dreams disappeared quickly…because…ouch. After that my dreams progressed with my age; there was the police officer, the actress, the FBI agent, the Burlesque Club owner, the therapist, the dragon hunter. I learned everything I could about every profession I was interested in (yes even the dragon hunter). Especially the actress, that one even had me moving to LA where I lived for a brief period time. When I learned I wouldn’t bleed to succeed, I knew acting wasn’t my true passion and moved back home to Washington. Which is where I came to a realization; my love of books was the root cause of all my many, many, short-lived professional desires. I devoured books like crazy & after each one I was enthralled. I just wanted to live in the stories, become the characters. And that is when I knew. I was meant to be an author. I was born to create the stories I so badly wanted to be a part of. So here I am today, making all my dreams come true through my writing. And hopefully you, the reader, enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
*Side note-My time living in Hollywood is what inspired my debut novel After The Break. Oh boy the things I learned. The things I saw. Anyway, just a little fun fact of information to keep in mind when reading, because some of the situations or events you may find a little unbelievable, may actually be incredibly factual. *


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