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//#BAE by Cambria Hebert//

5 Feathers

We laughed, we cried, we cheered them on, we read how they built a family of close friends, how they leaned on each other for support, how they loved each other, and now we get to watch them start a family of their own. In the eighth and final chapter of the Hashtag series, Romeo and Rimmel are put to the test one final time. Their journey has never been easy… from rumors and lies {thanks a lot #BuzzBoss} to psycho classmates who try to kill you and then when they fail move on to your best friend…

*Cough* Zach *Cough*

They have seen their fair share of pain and heartache, but nothing compares to the challenges they face in #BAE. From chapter one our favorite power couple pulls at your heartstrings. It starts with they couple waking up together in their home, and I don’t know why but when I read this scene, I imaged them surrounded by a white sparkling glow. They were safe, completely in love and overjoyed for their future, however, a few turns of the page and that safe white glow is stained a deep blood red and a foreboding black.

#BAE is unlike the others in this series. It’s emotional, gut-wrenching, completely real and tests the strength of the couple to their core. Stressed and depressed with grief, Romeo and Rimmel each find a way to cope with their loss, but do so separately. When they are together they don’t want to think about their pain and are scared of how the other will react to their thoughts and feelings, so they push ii aside to be strong for the other. Plus the constant harassment from the paparazzi only add to the weight of the situation.

“I’d kept quiet about my biggest torment. What would she think of me if I’d spilled? Would she still respect me? Would she still look at me with the same warm brown eyes that made me feel like I hung the moon?”

However, through out the whole novel not once do you question their love for one another. Not once do you ask yourself, will they make it through this? No, you know that even though they are fighting the battle their own way, they are fighting together for the same thing. Each other. And when they finally break down and talk about their inner struggles…

*wipes away tears*

… it’s beautiful and strengthens their relationship. And that beautiful white glow slowly starts to shine bright again.

I’m truly going to miss this couple and their amazing family. I predict tons of rereads in the future. Cambria, thank you so much for writing a beautiful closing chapter for Romeo and Rimmel, and for creating an amazing family of characters that stole the hearts of thousands! It was the perfect ending to a loving and inspiring series!


– Jennifer {A.K.A #Nerdforlife}



The Hashtag Series #8


That’s what happens when you get married.


Turns out sparkly rings, cake and a fantastic wedding do not automatically grant you that, not even when it’s all you truly want.
I’m even starting to doubt the bottomless, unconditional love I share with the man Ii-got-you-babymarried will be enough.

I can’t have happily ever after, know why

Because I can’t give Romeo what he truly wants. I’ve tried. So hard. I won’t be happy unless he is and something is missing. Someone.

Paparazzi are in my face. The flashing cameras and prying eyes are everywhere. My secret is getting harder to hide, and I know the second the scoop is dished the grip I have on the fraying rope of that happily ever after will snap right in my face.

In our face.

I can’t let that happen. No matter what.

Because with or without a happy ending, Romeo comes Before Anyone Else.

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