Inked Avenue Reviews… “Boom Town” by Kayleen West

//Boom Town by Kayleen West//

2 Feathers

Details, details, details that is what makes a compelling novel. A novel that gives you chills and makes your heart pound, and your breath catch; all of these elements lie in the details. Boom Town by Kayleen West held so much potential, however, fell short in this key department. While the synopsis was very intriguing, the story itself lacked the details for the reader to emotionally connect with the story and characters. I feel like the book is still in the drafting stage and is lacking in depth and character development. It needs refining and story development to become a complete novel.

Because it was lacking in this department, I found it hard to connect to the storyline and characters. What I needed was more. More of everything. I wanted more back story to better understand Tess and her family and friends. I wanted more of an angsty slow burn between the Tess and Scrap. I wanted to read the conversations that they shared as they were getting to know one another. What was said in those conversations that were held after work? During the double date? I wanted and needed that to be emotionally invested in this couple. I wanted to see more of the friendship between Tess and Jasmine. I wanted to read more about Tess’s home life and really understand why her father was a jerk and why her mother was a drug addict. I wanted to actually feel like I was there with the characters experiencing what they were going through. I also needed more details for the setting so I could create the backdrop in my head. And I don’t feel this way because it was written in third person because I’ve read books written in third person before, and was completely captivated with the story. I feel this way because it was missing these key elements that mesmerize the reader. It felt like someone was telling me a story, but they were leaving out all the juicy details.

While I understand that this is Kayleen West’s debut novel and that writing a book is not an easy feat, the lack of details, character development, and back story kept me from appreciating her hard work. I will always be honest in my reviews and my ratings which is why I must give Boom Town two feathers. To you beautiful book worms don’t let this review scare you from reading this book, just because it wasn’t for me doesn’t mean that you won’t fall in love with this story. And to Kayleen I have major respect for you, like I said before; I can just imagine how hard it is to write, and don’t let this review discourage you from writing. I loved the idea you had for this novel, but I needed more details and information to fully connect. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for your next novel.



Boom Town picSynopsis:

They’re from two different worlds, miles apart. Their love could never work, especially not if her father has anything to say about it.

He’s a low class hood, a down and out bare knuckles fighter with a heart of gold, and more tattooed muscle than money. She finds him repugnant.

She’s a posh priss, living free and easy on daddy’s dime, wouldn’t know a mop if you snuck up and hit her with it. He finds her laughable.

Her father’s manipulations are what threw them together, but when these opposites start to attract, he’ll do everything in his power to keep them apart!

Two worlds collide in Boom Town, impacting with a love so intense it may destroy itself! Boom Town is a wild ride of sweet romance, humor, angst and heartache, with a guaranteed happy ever after!

Buy now. It could all be over in a flash.

//Author Bio//

Kayleen West lives with her husband and two boys on a small farm in Southern Oregon. When not writing, or tackling endless farm chores, she enjoys traveling, good food, a tall glass of wine, or something hoppy, and Winter evenings with a good book and a warm quilt. She also has a tendency to grin for days at positive reader reviews.


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