Inked Avenue Reviews… “Southern Desire” by Kaylee Ryan

Southern Desire by Kaylee Ryan


Living in Texas I’m surrounded by real cowboys and wannabe cowboys every day. But, I have to say, none of them are as perfect or as dreamy as Aaron. Kaylee Ryan has this amazing way of creating these perfect guys that make you melt every time they open their mouths. They’re protective, always say the right thing, and come wrapped in a smoking hot body. They’re almost too good to be true.

Convinced that when he meets “The One” sparks will fly, fireworks will shoot off into the night sky, a band will be there to serenade the happy couple, and he’ll pull her into his arms and all will be right in the world. Okay, okay I’m over exaggerating, but Aaron is convinced that when he meets the right woman he’ll know instantly. And, because he feels this way he has never settled down. If he doesn’t feel that spark, he cuts them loose, but there is just something about Whitney that makes him pause.

A year after losing her mother to breast cancer, Whitney leaves Chicago and moves to the south to be closer to family and to escape the memories of her mother that haunt her mind. Not looking for love, Whitney meets Aaron and is instantly attracted to him, but after learning how he feels about love and the fact Aaron didn’t instantly fall for her, she is determined to think of him only as a friend. Some things are easier said than done…

The two become fast friends, best friends actually, after confiding in each other and spending lots of time together. They slowly fall for one another with thoughtful actions and flirty touches that soon turn into longing glances, soft caresses, and surprise kisses.

Southern Desire is a perfect mixture of sexy and sweet with just a sprinkle of angst. It tugs at your heartstrings and makes you crave small town life. Aaron and Whitney’s relationship was cute and loving in this friends-to-lovers romance. So why not five stars? Well, I’m a huge fan of a slow-burning romance with angst so intense I forget to breathe, and while southern Desire held these qualities, it wasn’t up to that level. For me anyway. It was sweet and cute and was the perfect read over my holiday break.






After experiencing heartache and loss, Whitney decides it’s time to move on and leave the past behind, while keeping the pain with her. Finding her way to Kentucky to be with family, she’s finally settling and feeling some happiness. She meets Aaron and he’s slowly showing her how to live again. But, what Aaron doesn’t know, is the deep secret she’s keeping from him.

Aaron doesn’t believe in spending time with women he doesn’t see a future with. Love, to him was black and white, until Whitney found her way into his life.

She’s his one and he’s her strength.

The overshadowing secret plaguing Whitney’s mind drivers her away, leaving Aaron and everyone she met behind.

Will Aaron find his way to Whitney again?

Or was their love something that most people desired and never found?

Book One: Southern Pleasure – Available Now

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