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//Wicked Truths by Michelle Areaux//

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Welcome to the city of Salem Massachusetts. Home of the infamous Salem witch trials, hidden underground tunnels, wicked and disturbed souls that haven’t passed on, and home to seventeen year old Sadie Sanders, mediator to the dead. After encountering a ghost named Laura roaming the streets of Salem, Sadie and her friends must help Laura find peace after her death. However, this poses as an extremely difficult task seeing that Laura can’t remember how she died. Not to mention the eerie messages she has been receiving from an anonymous source. Add all these things together and you have a cute and perfect Halloween read.

Sadie is a headstrong and stubborn girl with no sympathy for the dead because up until this point in her life she as always seen her gift as a burden. Something that made her stand out, something that made her different from everyone else and it always stopped her from fitting in with kids at her old school. However, after moving to Salem and meeting Lucy and Noah everything changed. She finally had friends that understood her and accepted her and wanted to help her and she finally started to see her powers as a gift. Lucy and Noah were great characters and friends to Sadie. Lucy, while a bit of a hot head and perfectionist, truly did care for her best friend. And Noah, who is a bit quirky and innocent, is very loving and caring towards Sadie. Though, I do wish that we could have had more scenes with them interacting as a couple.

Wicked Truths is like The Ghost Whisperer meets Scooby Doo meets Nancy Drew all combined into one book. There is mystery and threats around every corner, but the execution gave the novel a more lighthearted and sweet tone rather than a menacing chiller that would leave you sleeping with the lights on. I wish, however, that it had held a little more suspense and danger because I think that is the one thing it is needing to put it over the top. Like the messages, for example, there could have been a scene where Sadie was reading one and she heard a strange noise and went to check it out, even though the reader is screaming not to do it, but all it turns out to be is a cat in the bushes. I can here the creepy music now just imagining it. It would just be a little something extra to give it flare and drama. Also, even though this novel is a standalone, I do recommend reading the first two in the series to fully emotionally connect with the Sadie and her friends. I didn’t read the first two and was struggling during some scenes to fully understand their unique dynamic.

I really did enjoy this novel. It was a lighthearted read with sweet and likable characters, a fun and mysterious story line with the spine-chilling city of Salem as the backdrop. If you are looking for a cute Halloween read, with a great balance between mystery, danger, and humor Wicked Truths is the novel for you. I look forward to reading more novels by Michelle Areaux and hope you give it a try!



unnamed-13Death seems to follow seventeen year old Sadie Sanders everywhere she goes–literally. As a mediator to the dead, she must constantly face fighting demons and the occasional angry dead girl. After a dangerous and almost deadly first year in Salem, Sadie’s parents decided to send her away for the summer to visit her Aunt Morgan in the small town of Nicholasville, Kentucky. After uncovering a murder hidden for centuries, she embarked on a deadly mission to solve the crime while trying to enjoy her summer vacation. Now back in Salem, Sadie has found another hidden secret in the wicked town. Secret underground tunnels are hidden under the streets of Salem, beckoning to those with wicked souls. When Sadie encounters a ghost named Laura roaming the streets of Salem, she and her friends Noah and Lucy must uncover the clues leading to Laura’s death, which is made even more complicated by the fact that Laura has no memory about her life or death. To make matters worse, Sadie must also track down the person who has been sending her threatening messages in an effort to stop her mission for justice. In Wicked Truths, the third installment of the Wicked Cries series, Sadie learns that some secrets are meant to stay dead, for the truth, once it has been uncovered, may be wickeder than she could have ever imagined.

//Author Bio//

Michelle Areaux is the author of the Wicked Cries series. Her love for literature began at an early age and flourished over the years into a passion. Currently, she resides in Nicholasville, KY with her husband Anthony, and sons Connor and Cooper.


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