You want to know the most annoying, most aggravating, and frustrating thing that makes me want to pull ALL of my hair out?

…WAITING!! It has got to be one of the worst things EVER! Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for life to happen. Waiting for the perfect job. Gah! It can be so frustrating!



The excitement from graduation has dulled and the party is over, and I’m sitting over here realizing that I’ve got the degree, and that’s great, but now I’ve got to figure out how to navigate through this time of transition, land an awesome job, and figure out how this whole adulting thing works.



While I love being a college graduate and am proud of myself and everything I’ve accomplished, I have a definite love/hate relationship with this whole post-grad thing. See, I didn’t graduate with a degree that would secure me a job with great benefits or financial stability as soon as I received my diploma. Instead I took a risk, walked on the wild side, followed my creative heart… and while it has opened up some amazing opportunities that I am beyond grateful for, it also means a lot of waiting, networking, and holding myself accountable. I have to fight for what I want while I seconded guess every I decision I make with the hope I haven’t completely screwed up my future so I don’t have to lie about inventing post-its at my high school reunion five years from now.


I’m stuck in that awkward yet equally as entertaining transitional stage where I’m completing an internship, hoping they will hire me on when it’s over, ignoring the fact that the first payment for my student loan is quickly approaching, filling out application after application and going to interview after interview where every hiring manager judges you like they’re Miranda Priestly form THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.



While I stand there like…


I think I can officially say I’ve hit my quarter-life crisis and I’m not even 25 yet. I feel a bit like Alexis Bledel in Post Grad. You know that movie where she graduates college thinking she’s going to land her dream job, and then reality slaps her in the face letting her know it’s not going to be that easy! Yeah, that’s me!

*reaches for the Blue-Bell and cookie dough*

But on the other hand, I have all the time in the world. Time to travel {my wallet is laughing at me right now} time to grow my business and blog, make connections, time to read, and bake, draw and design, relax, learn everything I can from my internship, and work until all my dreams come true.




Also, one thing I have learned four months post-grad is patience. I pray every day for the patience to walk through this time of waiting with grace and the knowledge that God is leading me through one of the most frustrating chapters in my life. Knowing that He has a plan and I can’t rush that plan, no matter how hard I try. But it’s hard not knowing. To step into the future with nothing but faith, but at the same time, knowing that faith is enough for me to take that first step because I know God is walking with me.

So until that dream job comes my way, I have to keep working, keep fighting and hustling for my dreams to come true while keeping that flame alive in my heart, and keep trusting God to lead me until I can finally say…

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”





If this post didn’t make you feel like you’re not alone in your post-grad struggles, check out this article.


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