Besides being a necessary element in a business, a brand is so much more than the symbol a logo provides. It represents the message or image your business sends to your buyer or client. Inked Avenue wants to help build the relationship to leave a lasting impression. Inked Avenue also offers packaging! During this process we will create promotional items, envelops, boxes, bags, menus etc. to go along with your brands unique image.

logos-inked-avenue-final8LOGO DESIGN

What is your business or organization? What do you do? Who is your target market? What are you looking for in a logo?  After answering these questions plus a few more, we do our homework. We research your business, it’s industry and the competition it faces. Next we create an inspiration board then design and revise based off of your questionnaire, comments, and requested changes.  Finally, we’re DONE! Now you are free to use the logo on anything and everything your business might need.




1. We Talk

After our first talk, we send you a questionnaire so we can get a better idea of your business and what you are looking for in a logo.

2. We do our Homework

Next, we research your business, the industry and the competition.

During this process, we create an inspiration board on PINTEREST to set the mood for the project. We look at color palettes, fonts, backgrounds, and anything that inspires you and your business.

3. Design 

A.K.A. The fun step!

We design 3-5 logo concepts based off of our research & your vision.

4. We Fine-Tune

We revise and edit any problems or concerns you have. The best part? These revisions are UNLIMITED! With constant back and forth communication, we will work on the drafts until you are satisfied. Once the final logo is chosen we prepare for final development.

5. You Celebrate!

The final logo is all yours! You will receive the final logo in all necessary software forms to be used for any marketing, branding, packaging or anything you need!



*see above section


This is a completely optional choice! And will only be used if needed. Taking the research we acquired, the vision of your company, and how you describe your business, we will develop an excellent tagline for your business.


Using the chosen logo, we will design a one of a kind original business card and letter head design for your company. There will be 2-3 concepts created before a final design is chosen. The business card as the option of being one-sides or front and back. After the final design has been chosen the letterhead and business card will be sent in all necessary software forms.


This is also another optional choice! Using the chosen logo design and tagline, we will create mockups for any packaging your business needs. Anything from promotional items to menus and everything in-between.


Complete with samples from the inspiration board, Inked Avenue will provide a PDF portfolio copy with an overview of your chosen logo design, alternate logos, color palette, backgrounds, typography, alternate typography choices, business card design, letterhead, and packaging.


Want to grow and expand your followers? Let’s talk all things social media! From postings, to hashtags and more. Let’s focus on your brand and how to take it to the next level!


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